Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2017 KIA Optima

Searching and ultimately laying out your hard-earned money for a new ride is somewhat similar to choosing the love of your life.  You may shop around a lot using your computer, do a test drive or two, and maybe ask some friends or relatives for opinions.  It seems though, in buying a new car that taking the advice of owners is the most meaningful. 

That theory is backed up by the trustworthy Consumer Reports organization.  When they surveyed owners of mid-sized sedans, the car with the highest overall score was the Kia Optima.  Go figure!  This very popular family vehicle is ready for your own due diligence with the friendly folks at Westside KIA

Find out why this Optima is just a very huggable sedan.  Consumer Reports stated: “Owners love their Optima because it does so many things so well.  It drives nicely with responsive secure handling and a ride evocative of higher priced European sedans”.  An impressive 82% said they would definitely buy another Kia Optima.  Wonder why? 

To start with the Kia Optima has been redesigned, but at first glance you might think it kind of looks like its predecessor.  There is a saying; “looks can fool you”.  But this new Optima is longer, wider and still has its famous tiger nose grill along with the stylish chrome along the roof edge and the belt line that sweeps up the rear.  What is under its stylish metal- zeroes in on making your drive time a very enjoyable experience. 

The biggest change to the delight of its drivers is another aggressive engine.  Kia placed under its stylish hood a new lively 1.6-liter turbocharged four cylinder that is matched up to a quick and smooth shifting seven speed dual clutch automatic.  This feisty turbo can deliver 178 horses and an asphalt gripping 195 lb-ft of torque; it loves red turning to green.  This setup has the smoothness of a torque-converter automatic at the lower speed and delivers well executed and timed shifts when you punch it down.  The other tried and true power-plants you also can test drive are the 2.4-liter four that punches out 185 horses.  Then take a spin in the SX or SX-L models and experience the awesome 2.0-liter turbo with 245 thoroughbreds and connected to a six-speed automatic.  If you desire fantastic fuel economy, then look closely at the Optima Plug-in Hybrid that can get 99 mpg.  Not a misprint! 
When you slide into the Optima's wide and comfy seats, you and yours will realize that the cabin space has also increased.  Your passengers especially in the rear seats will appreciate the added room.  Also, in your test drive you'll discover a stiffer structure and re-tuned suspension as you take on those curves for a more controlled quiet driving experience.  Other features that are uncommon at this level are available leather, panoramic sunroof and even a 360 degree parking camera.   Another big bonus is that you will receive Kia's highly rated infotainment system with all the tools you need for entertainment, communication and safety. 

This new Kia Optima is a great blend of performance, value, styling and right in the mix with today's elite mid-sized family sedans.  Go ahead and check out the Optima at today!