Thursday, February 11, 2016

The History of the Kia Sportage

It has be ruling the roads since 1993. One of the most iconic compact crossover SUV’s of our time has quite a lengthy history dating back more than two decades. Oddly enough, it originated as a 3-door convertible and remained as such until 2004 when it was changed to a 5-door SUV. Let’s take a closer look at how exactly this amazing vehicle has changed over the years.

The very first model was designed with Mazda Bongo in mind. In fact, there are more similarities than none between the two. The engine and transmissions are two of the main similarities between the two. It was originally sold as a 5 door SUV (which is what we know it as today) and a 3-door soft top convertible which has since been discontinued. In 1996, and extended version of the vehicle was released, creating more space in the SUV. Mainly sold in the Asian market, this new model was an entire 12 inches longer than models in the past which increases luggage and cargo space from 1,570 liters to 2,220 liters.

Fast forward 23 years later to 2016 and the Kia Sportage is still making waves in the automobile industry. The newest model has 6 different engine types to choose from, but does only come in the 5-door SUV style versus the soft top convertible it originated as. This SUV sure has come a long way.

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