Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The New Kia Truckster Concept

What can you say about this?  Is it a sports car?  Is it an El Camino of old?  I tell you it is neither,  this is a new era of the truckster.
Okay do we really think this will ever hit the production cycle and come to fruition?  Maybe, maybe not.  Does that really matter?  It doesn’t to me.  Seeing a concept like this come from the designer drawings of Kia tells me all I need to know.  Kia is again leading the way with cutting edge design and ingenuity.  It isn’t enough that they have won several awards for their head turning automobiles or that they are now in the luxury car market place.  They truly want a car for everyone and this is further proof of it.

This concept was definitely inspired by Kia’s recent GT4 Stinger Coupe Concept that they showed us last month at the Detroit Auto Show.  Looking at this photo and one of the Stinger, there are several similarities in designs from the vertical headlamps to the hood vents and toned fenders.  I say this is a break through.  Many thought the El Camino of the day was a modern marvel.  Well I think your grandpa will be more pleased with this one.  If he was ever torn between a muscle car and his El Camino, this one gives him both.
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