Thursday, February 6, 2014

3 Common Mistakes in Car Maintenance

People love buying our new Kia’s, there’s just something about that new car smell!  Most people, however, don’t like maintaining their car.  They either don’t know how, or they use outdated advice from the days when cars were very different than they are today.  Westside KIA brings you these 3 common (and easily corrected) mistakes people make when maintaining their car.

Not Changing the Wipers

Don’t take your windshield wipers for granted! Many people expect to flip that little switch up and the wipers will flash past and make their view suddenly clearer.  The problem is that windshield wipers, like every part of your car, wear down eventually.  Fall is a great time to replace wipers.  They have baked in the sun all summer, and now must face the harsh conditions of winter.   Anything that helps you actually see where you’re driving should be maintained.

Not Immediately Checking Brakes 

As important as windshield wipers are, your car’s breaks should probably take precedent.  When the mafia wants to “off” someone, they don’t steal their wipers, they cut their breaks.  Breaks are really, really important.  That being said, so many people with soft or “spongy” breaks just put it off until their next scheduled maintenance.  That is a big safety hazard.  As soon as you notice break issues, you should take them to a reputable service center, such as Westside KIA, to get them checked out.

Overspending on Gas

Unless your manual specifically states that you should put higher octane or “premium” gas into your car, you should avoid it. Kia cars are designed to run efficiently and powerfully on economy gas, and using premium really just makes your fuel costs unnecessarily higher.  It may be nice to tell people you “only put premium” in your car, but it’s nicer to have more money.

If you commit one or all of these mistakes, don’t feel bad.  Plenty of people make these mistakes and worse.  If you correct them, you’ll save money in the long run and have a safer, more enjoyable car owning experience.

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